An integrated service offer

for a trouble-free experience

We have been developing our expertise for over 20 years to provide our customers with a complete, integrated approach to machined parts manufacturing. Precision Service takes charge of everything to deliver finished goods that meet your specifications, including part design support and surface treatments, paint and assembly. Benefits for customers include a simplified supplier management process as well as a lowered risk of non-conformities and reduced leadtimes.

It’s easier with Precision Service!

Robotized processes

for shorter leadtimes

If you’re wondering about the reasons why Precision Service should be selected, consider that this company’s management had the courage and audacity to invest and develop automated manufacturing processes through usage of robots. The resulting consistency in machining precision and execution speed allow for the quickest customer response that can be imagined, i.e. a fabrication leadtime of 3 to 4 days depending on the situation. This important feature contributes to providing customers with productivity gains that can be transformed into a competitive edge.

Whether you intend to obtain new contracts, to retain an important customer or to increase your market share we will help in achieving your goals, that is the Precision Service value. Try us and see for yourselves!

Precision Service, beyond robots!

Design support

added value for your parts

Our customers who undertake design and development of their own parts appreciate our practical expertise and the support that is offered in this phase of the product cycle. Very often, the concepts that are imagine are of impeccable aesthetics however manufacturability may not be optimal. This is where we can be called in for support; at Precision Service we can help our customers find ways to avoid unnecessary costs and identify means to shorten fabrication delays. Hence, our manufacturing expertise is available to design teams so that the end result is a success, both aesthetically and economically.

Precision Service, partner in your success!