We work for renowned companies in the transportation industry: door parts and sub-assemblies for the rail sector, aluminum control boxes for delivery fleets, heavy vehicle components and more. We have the expertise to carry out all your projects in this sector.


For several years we have been subcontractors for integrators in the field of defense, notably for components destined to military tanks as well as bombshells. Since 2015, the level of internal security has been strengthened and reaffirmed in order to better serve this sector. We are registered in the Controlled Goods Program and we are targeting growth of our market share in defense in the years ahead.

Lighting fixtures

We have been working for several international brands in this specialized sector for almost 20 years. Amongst the manufactured goods: Spotlight components, LED housings extruded then machined and extrusion tips. Painting services are offered as well as kitting and assembly. Due to the high production volumes, most of the production for this sector is robotized and have a production rate of 24 hours / 7days.


Several components for medical devices and wheelchairs are manufactured at Precision Service. We have positioned ourselves as preferred supplier to our customers because of our concern for quality and traceability of materials, as well as our rigorous production planning processes.

Aluminium profiles

Over time, we have developed the art of machining extruded aluminium profiles. Our machines are well adapted to the reality of this type of product and are organised into production cells where deburring, washing and packaging are performed, all in the same area. This thoughtful arrangement allows minimization of part handling and thus contributes to lower fabrication costs.


The greatest diversity of products can be categorized herein. This proves once again how Precision Service can adapt its processes to the needs of its customers. Whatever your projects, we become your production driving force and parts are built-to-print to your specs: custom fasteners, hardware items, structural beams and fastener, machine components and much more. Precision Service : we are your solution.